When a person dies unnaturally and in unusual circumstances, it can be an extremely traumatising time for the family. The entire inquest process can have a huge impact on the grieving process. A properly conducted inquest can uncover truths about what went wrong and can, if needed, make recommendations for change. Ensuring an accidental death does not happen again can be of huge importance and of help to families, in particular to assist with the grieving process. 

Whilst it may be far from the minds of the loved ones of the deceased, a well run coroner’s inquest could have impact upon potential civil proceedings if the death was due to a fault of an organisation.  Representing clients at Coroner’s Inquests is a niche area of law.

At Makka Solicitors, we have the experience and know how to ensure that you are represented at the Coroner’s Inquests properly and to ensure that the process is run properly to achieve the best outcome for the family of the deceased.

Our charge out rate is the standard hourly rate based on the solicitor’s years of experience. We work hard to ensure that an estimate is provided at the onset and any charges beyond our original estimate are discussed with you at an earlier stage.